Lakonia, Peloponnese
The area of Gythio is the ideal base-point for excursions in Lakonia, since within a short radius you can find yourself in some of the most fascinating places of Greece.

Gythio (distance: 2 km)
Walk along the seafront promenade and enjoy a backdrop dating back to the late 19thcentury. Follow the marble stairs, and they will lead you to neighbourhoods of alleys with overhanging balconies. The view down to the harbour is breath-taking. Visit the ancient Roman theatre, and stop by the Centre of Culture of Eastern Mani. The Kranai island is a must! Μarvel at the Lighthouse at the tip of the island, Tzannetakis’ Tower, and enjoy panoramic views to the town.

Eastern Mani (via Areopolis up to Vathia, 58klm, and from there back, via Kotronas, 67klm)

The Tour of Mani; a classic day trip! Considered an ‘open museum’, Mani is alive with history spanning from the Neolithic Period to Byzantine until today. Did you know there are 93 traditional settlements in Eastern Mani? Visit the dream-like Diros Caves, one of the best in the world, and live an experience you will never forget! Essential stops at Itilo, Areopoli, Kita, Gerolimenas, Vathia, Alipa, Kotronas, and Skoutari.

Alternatively, for shorter routes, we suggest Itilo-Limeni-Areopoli-Diros Caves, which can be extended, if you wish, to Gerolimenas-Vathia, with return from the same road. Also, a short trip to Alipa could include stops for swimming and food at Kamares, Skoutari or Kotronas.

Sparta –Mystras (distance: 46 - 51 km)
The capital of Lakonia is built upon the ancient city of the same name, on the foothills of the magnificent Mount Taygetos. Visit the Spartan acropolis to witness traces of its glory, and discover more at the Archaeological museum in the city centre. Find out about the culture and production of olive oil at the fascinating Museum of Olive.

Inside the fortification of a medieval castle standing on top of a steep hill overlooking Sparta, lies the late-Byzantine city of Mystras. Listed by UNESCO as a site of World Heritage, the rare preservation level offers the visitor the chance to get a glimpse of the everyday life and culture of the Byzantines.

Monemvasia (distance: 68 km)
Amid the Myrtoo Sea stands a huge rock, Monemvasia. Ritsos’ ‘stone ship’ takes the visitor on a journey of dreams. Erotic atmosphere, full of mystery and magic, accompany your every step through the narrow streets of the castle-town.

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