Gythio (distance: 3.6 km):
Gythio is a small town of Laconia, but the largest of Mani. In the center and along the beaches, you will find fresh fish taverns, restaurants, nightclubs and cafes. The Gythio can be used as a base for excursions, hunting and fishing. It also gives you the ability to make the round of Mani, to see its famous towers, and the most distant island Eptanese, Kythira there are ferries from the port of Gythiou.

Sparta (distance: 49 km)
The simple and glorious Sparta, built in the middle of the fertile plain, beside the River Eurotas, the capital of Laconia is a modern city, which has "something of the glory of the past." The city will satisfy even the most demanding visitor because it has natural attractions of its long history and beautiful architecture of neoclassical buildings that still exist scattered throughout the city. Visitors can marvel at the ancient theater of the city, the sanctuary of Athena Chalkioikos the sanctuary of Artemis Orthia and Menelaion, shrine of the deified Menelaus and Helen.

Monemvasia (distance: 68 km)
Amid the sea Myrtoo stands a huge rock, Monemvasia. The "stone ship" Ritsos takes the visitor on a journey dreams. The lofty castle, which, due to its strategic position was coveted for every conqueror, today an ideal place for weekend trips. Erotic atmosphere, full of mystery and magic accompany your every step through the narrow streets of the castle with its Byzantine churches, traditional houses and the variety of taverns and cafes.

Itilo (distance 26 km)
The big tourist development has classified the New Itilo one of the most common summer destinations. The Itilo is a seaside village community and the homonymous province of Lakonia with 500 inhabitants. In Itilo you can visit the monastery of Dekoulou, the ruins of the fortress Kelefa, the church of Ag. Nicholas. This picturesque village has one of the most beautiful beaches of Mani.

Kythira, or else Tsirigo is a picturesque island located 20 km south of Cape Malea Peloponnese. Kythira island of Goddess Aphrodite and Eros are characterized by the diversity of the landscape. The countless idyllic landscapes, traditional villages, the picturesque beaches, spectacular caves, narrow alleys, individual churches, Venetian and Byzantine monuments enchant the visitor.
To Kythira there are routes from Gythio and Neapolis Vion.

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